Hailing from The Republic of Benin, Ayra Starr was just another young woman who posted videos of herself on Instagram doing covers of popular songs. Her vibrant energy and natural talent caught the attention of Don Jazzy, legendary music producer and label executive of Mavin Records. He reached out to her immediately and took her under his wing. Since then, she’s embarked on a musical journey that has not only given her the license to express herself,  but also to discover who she truly is.

Ayra Starr“You know, I’m a teenager and I’m just starting to understand life. I’m going through all these things that teenagers go through — from heartbreak, love, peer pressure and all of that flows into the music,” explains Starr.

And her music shows her evolution. In the opening of Away, the lead single of her new self-titled EP, she confidently proclaims that she no longer has affection for a certain man.

The song is also tongue-in-cheek where she takes the opportunity to address people who have said negative things about her. As an artist who has been rocketed into the spotlight, the singer has experienced the drawbacks of fame. In the social media age where musicians are widely accessible, it means that Starr has to deal with some of the negative comments directed towards her online.

“Most of the things that I see can be annoying but at the same time, I feel like I was born for this. I’ve been through different stages of life which have all taught me different things and prepared me for this moment. I’ve gone through experiences where I didn’t understand why they were happening but now I can see why I went through those some of those things. I’m more patient and I see things for what they are. Forgiveness is a part of growth and I’m growing,” says Starr.

Ayra StarrPart of the songstresses’ personal evolution involves being able to cancel out the noise. She has adopted a more laidback approach where she focuses on the positive aspects of her life and career. It helps her manage the demands of being in the public eye.

“I’m learning from my mistakes. Fame is a silent pressure – I try not to allow it to get to my head. I have a very strong background with people in my life that have my back and will support me,” states Starr adding, “I try not to let anything stop me because I know I have people that are counting on me and who believe in me.”

Ayra Starr is still figuring things out and that’s all part of the journey. But, with all she’s accomplished in a short amount of time, she certainly has a lot to be proud of. Onwards and upwards. She’s shooting for the stars.

Watch her recently premiered single DITR.

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Words   |   @Leewritesalot