Precious Osamudiamen Agho
Precious Osamudiamen Agho

Hailing from Benin City in Nigeria, Precious Osamudiamen Agho always dreamed of a career in the fashion industry. This burning flame to design his own garments lit up the idea to start a fashion line – and turn his creativity into action.

“I’ve always had a passion for fashion and really wanted to have my own clothing line but I had no idea where to start or what to do,” explains Precious, “then it shifted from being just an idea to a real desire to put my work into the world,” he continues.

The journey went more smoothly than expected, which affirmed the designer and businessman’s drive to succeed and become one of the top brands in the African fashion world.

“Surprisingly, it started off very fast, as I had only the bare minimum understanding of what I was doing – I was a total newcomer. But, in the first week we almost sold out of everything! For me, this signalled that Priluxi could definitely go further and it motivated me to keep going,” says Precious.

Only launching in August 2020, since then, despite tough times in the economy and in the fashion space, the brand has gone from strength to strength.

The new collection

The Priluxi collection, SS2, which dropped at the beginning of April, depicted a sense of all things spring with its sense of optimism and euphoria from the bright colours and striking print designs to the textiles which reflect the Priluxi brand identity.

Check out their January 2021 pop-up below.

“The collection is filled with lightly colourful garments, with differentiated prints that transmit a spring/summer vibe. Each and every design was worked on individually, with the style and comfort of our customers in mind,” explains Precious, who uses the desires of his loyal fans to create his collections: the Priluxi customer is someone who is not afraid to stand out and make a statement.

A new Winter collection is soon to be released: expect warmer garments offering two pieces, long-sleeved shirts, pants and hoodies but all with the signature Priluxi edge.

“Plus, we will be introducing our new “member” Nappa leather, which we will use to make different items. It will be a winter fashion trend as Nappa provides a higher degree of luxury and exhibits a unique look,” Precious says.


The ongoing Covid-19 lockdown and devastating pandemic continues to affect businesses, despite lifted restrictions. The Prixuli brand has suffered a few hard knocks during these trying times.

“The pandemic meant reducing the number of our employees working directly at the factory creating a slow-down in the business. A few months ago we were badly affected but now the creative process is continuing and it feels as if business is almost back to normal. Before, I couldn’t leave my house which hindered my imagination and my ideas but currently, everything is running smoothly,” affirms Precious.

What’s next?

Positivity, hard work and talent are an unstoppable combination for Priluxi. And, of course, having the unfailing vision to march ahead no matter the obstacles.

Precious is just as optimistic about the next step. “We’re looking forward to our one year anniversary soon which will be celebrated with everything that signifies Priluxi: luxury, sophistication, uniqueness and glamour.

Click here to see some of the 2020 collection.

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Words   |  Sibusiso Sbu Mkize   @sbuthestylegeek
Editor  |  Nikki Temkin @NikkiTemkin
Images  |  Credits: Priluxi