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Face your facade Samurai Farai hoodie

In light of World Mental Health Awareness month, ASA wants to start an open, ongoing conversation about mental health. We want to start peeling back the layers we often hide behind. We understand that sharing ourselves is an incredibly vulnerable experience, so we’ve decided to create a community where we can do this together.

#FaceYourFacade is that community.

Become an official member of the #FaceYourFacade mission and buy one of the limited edition hoodies.

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“A lot of my work is commentary on how there’s so much going on beneath the surface with us as people. The sides that we present and show each other aren’t the only ones that exist”
– Samurai Farai

Why purchase this hoodie?

Proceeds of the sale of this hoodie will be donated to The South African Depression And Anxiety Group (SADAG).

Not only will you be bringing awareness to an important conversation about mental health, you’ll also be helping individuals feel less alone. This is not just a once-off campaign – this is a movement.

This is how we change the narrative.

This is a premium, limited edition hoodie featuring exclusive artwork by Samurai Farai. Only 50 will ever be made.

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A collaboration by 

ASA Magazine
Samurai Farai
The Impact Hub
Two Fellas Media
Migal Van As Photography

How can you get involved?

Join the conversation using the hashtag #FaceYourFacade on Instagram to share your story. Remember, when you are brave, you inspire others to be brave too. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable, you give people the opportunity to really connect with you. 

 If you are struggling right now, if life has become overwhelming and you’re feeling lost, know this… There is nothing wrong with you. You are not a failure because it’s tough. There is help. Contact The South African Depression And Anxiety Group (SADAG) on 0800 567 567. Learn more about their services here. 

You can #FaceYourFacade. We all can.

Meet the Powerful Women We’re Collaborating With

Suraya Rose Santos

Suraya Rose Santos is from a small town  just outside of Pretoria, and has resided in over 17 countries around the world – making her a truly global citizen. Suraya has appeared in several feature films, short films, music videos and television productions across the world. As someone with Bipolar Disorder, she experiences significant levels of anxiety when it comes to phone calls and rejections, which she finds are mainly linked to castings.

Collaborating with ASA, Suraya is taking a role in World Mental Health Awareness month, opening up an ongoing conversation about mental health – peeling back the layers we often hide behind.  #FaceYourFacade

Kim Jayde

Kim Jayde was born and raised in Zimbabwe. As a multi-award winning person in the public eye, Kim receives a stream of negative comments on her social media platforms on a daily basis. Oftentimes these will be from people questioning what she does for a living. This cyberbullying is something that she deals with on a daily basis, and she says she is lucky enough to be able to afford a therapist to help her through it. Collaborating with ASA, Kim aims to shed light on mental health awareness, normalising the taboos around this topic, while helping individuals feel less alone. #FaceYourFacade

Nina Hastie

Hilarious, smart, and inspiring. Nina Hastie is a seasoned South African presenter, host, voice-over artist, writer and stand-up comedian. Having recently celebrated 8 years of sobriety, Nina is a highly functioning person with Bipolar Disorder. This multitalented creative has previously opened up about her struggle with alcohol and drug abuse and has publically shared her experience with sexual abuse which led to her suffering severe depression. At the beginning of lockdown, she did an Instagram Live session with her therapist, allowing her followers to witness her therapy sessions on social media – something that she attributes to much of her ability to deal with her mental health struggles, and overcoming some very traumatic experiences. She says the reason behind doing that was to help others who were struggling with mental health issues due to the effects of the lockdown.

Collaborating with ASA, Nina aims to shed light on mental health awareness, bringing to light the importance of this topic of conversation while helping individuals feel less alone. #FaceYourFacade

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