Mmuso Maxwell

    Mmuso Maxwells Imbokodo collections olive green and dark green asymmetrical tailored jackets
    Mmuso Maxwells Imbokodo collection's olive green and dark green asymmetrical tailored jackets

    Mmuso Potsane and Maxwell Boko and the iconic designers behind Mmuso Maxwell. They started as interns for the legendary David Tlale and, after recognizing the similarities in their design process and aesthetic; they joined forces as a single brand in the women’s fashion industry.

    Mmuso Maxwell challenges the social ideology of a woman’s role, especially in African cultures. They tap into the drive and passion of women that strive in their own path (whether it be business or society), despite patriarchal conceptions.

    It definitely paid off, because in 2018 they dressed Beyonce herself for the Global Citizen Festival. “We didn’t realise the impact of dressing her until the pictures were out. It was phenomenal, not to mention emotional.” 

    Mmuso Maxwell: the great hope of SA fashion

    Mmuso Maxwells Imbokodo collections asymmetrical yellow dres with matching trousers