Nao Serati

    Nao Serati x Adiddas 2019
    Nao Serati x Adidas 2019

    Nao Serati is a South African modern athleisure brand situated in Johannesburg. The company, which was founded in 2014 by designer Nao Serati Mofammere, specializes in unisex clothing that explores the boundaries of gender and sexuality while paying homage to their South African background. Nao Serati is about a conversation that explores, dissects, and frequently subverts what it means to be a man or a woman in contemporary Africa.

    Serati finds inspiration in the rebellious and innovative side of the South African youth. One of his key features has been the use of metallic fabrics and finishes to represent the shining light of possibilities for gender and modern masculinity.

    Designing for diversity and inclusivity

    Nao Serati x Adidas 2019