Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana


    Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana is an award-winning fashion designer and the founder of Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana, a prominent women’s wear line. She started her line back in 2009 and within a few years, she established herself as one of the few African brands acknowledged to be at the vanguard of African luxury.

    The label is known around the world for designing a series of winter wear jackets and coats utilizing traditional Basotho blankets as inspiration.

    Thabo Makhetha-Kwinana has won multiple prizes and accolades; in 2014, she debuted on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week in Canada, where her work was recognized for its quality and innovation. She’s performed in South Africa, Lesotho, the United Kingdom, and Italy, among other places. Her art has been featured in newspapers all across the world, including a recent BBC piece.