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Nollywood’s sweetheart Juliana Olayode gets candid on balancing success as well as the struggles she has faced

Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry, has an output of over 1000 films a year (except for the year that wasn’t, due to lockdown), coming in at second place in the world, comfortably...

The Durban Film Festival: A fabulous feast of online offerings

This year, for its 42nd edition, the DIFF (Durban International Film Festival) festival presents a programme of about 140 feature films, documentaries and short films, a treasure trove to choose from. There’s...

Cape Town’s retro cool drive-in

Date nights can get pretty routine and monotonous, especially when some of your favourite hangouts are still closed due to lockdown. Where do we go next? The couch or the kitchen? Now...

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