Harmony between tradition and trend is what we’ve come to expect from and love about MASA MARA. And this season is no exception as MASA MARA continues to delight— and challenge— its audience storytelling with fashion.

MASA MARA, a word derived from a Rwandan proverb ‘amaramasa’ simply translated as ‘empty-handed’ or ‘come from nothing’ has journeyed far from its origins as it maintains its reign as the storyteller of African fashion.

“The new SS20/21 Collection of urban activewear, “ says Eli Gold of MASA MARA, “ is a combination of ranges, drawing inspiration from pressing cultural issues such as 3rd Culture, Migration and Refugees, and a personal desire to reconnect with my own ancestors as seen in the Bird Kingdom orange and purple print Inzozi Z’abakurambere (The Ancestors Dreams) range.”

The biggest trend heading our way this year? “2020 forced people to reflect, re-evaluate and reconnect with their inner selves, and this will be apparent in the way they present themselves and with what they wear,” continues Eli.

Express yourself in any of the MASA MARA SS20/21 collection—you’ll be making the right statement.

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Asa Panaga fashion

Cape Town based esteemed Nigerian designer, Clinton Idehen has been impressing fashionistas with his unisex brand PANAGA since 2014. It’s noted for its luxurious yet understated style and a brand philosophy steeped in minimalism.

This SS20/21 PANAGA collection reflects where society is at the world-over and especially in Africa as movements like Black Lives Matter, GBV (Gender Based Violence) and equal rights demand inclusivity, whether it be race, colour, gender or even body shape.

With gender-neutral apparel a perfect platform for equality and all things African in the limelight, the SS20/21 Earthly People II Collection by PANAGA in striking African Goat print, Purple Rain and sunset Rare Pink has something for everyone.

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ASA Streetwear Shelflife

For sneakerheads SHELFLIFE is a shrine to sneakers. Founded on a passion for graffiti and street art, SHELFLIFE today holds the highest tiers of sneaker brands on the African continent.

Established in 2006 in Cape Town as a brick and mortar store, SHELFLIFE’S popularity grew rapidly, resulting in the opening of another store in the heart of Johannesburg. That said, it’s the online SHELFLIFE store that has grown phenomenally, especially during lockdown, to offer the very best in exclusive sneakers and apparel to every corner of Africa and the world.

From A-V, Adidas to Vans and all the brands in between, you’ll find the season’s top styles at SHELFLIFE.

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Asa Street fashion Hannah Lavery

Fondly referred to as the midpoint between pyjamas and power suits, comfort and confidence, HANNAH LAVERY apparel is a uniform for busy and active women.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa and inspired by the diversity of women’s shapes and lives, HANNAH LAVERY offers a complete wardrobe in neutral tones with clear lines and kind-to-your-skin materials. Cross-seasonal and organically updated, the range is for those who want to dress with ease and have wardrobes with longevity. The brand stands by the notion that there are no bad bodies—just bad fits!

Ease into the season, whether work or play in HANNAH LAVERY, with comfort and confidence—your body will thank you for it.

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Asa street fashion Lorne

If you haven’t yet discovered LORNE, an innovative, art-jewellery label based in Cape Town, simply put— you’re missing out.

With a unique design style that is easily recognised by those that know the label, LORNE pieces are derived through the process of freedom to form— designing in the moment of manufacture, void of design restrictions and pre-drawn, overthought designs—ultimately rendering unique and refreshing pieces.

Any insider’s tips on jewellery trends headed our way for SS20/21? “Loads of beautiful chunky hoops, exaggerated sizes, dangling pearls and charms also make a big comeback” says Gillian Lawrence, Artistic Director and Designer at LORNE. Find the perfect piece to suit your personality at LORNE—you won’t go unnoticed!

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Photographer | Migal Van As
Models | Kinsey Golden @kinseygolden, Amber Landers @amber_landers, Clinton Idehen @iampanaga, The’ Kyu @ifyoulieyoulose,  Kendi Kimathi @kendi_k_official
Videography | 2 Fellas Media
Stylist | Lyal Seba / SixLove @lyalseba
Stylist Assistant | Ryan Hing @ryanhing011
Hair & Makeup | The Makeup Touch
Photographic Assistant | Wilke Hamman @wmcreated
Assistant | Hein Badenhorst @badenhorsthein