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Embracing belief: The power and passion behind BTO’s newest collection

As ASA Magazine discovered during a special invitation to cover BTO's new launch, founder and designer, Jandy’s morning rituals are more than just a...
Izoduuwa SS22

Taking fashion to the next level with Izoduuwa

Average read time: 8 minutes From Nigeria to the world From the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, designer and ultimate force to be reckoned with, Perry...
Lagos Street

Lagos Street: A New Beacon of African Streetwear in Cape Town

Average read time: 3 Minutes Welcome to Lagos Street, a lively hub of African Streetwear, nestled at number 17, Bree Street in Cape Town. This...
Potrends Lookbook header

Potrends’ latest collection: A tapestry of Johannesburg through Akali Faith’s eyes

A journey illustrated through fabric Taking inspiration from her life and surroundings, Akali has infused her latest offerings with unprecedented originality. She has collaborated with...
Akali Faith - Founder and Designer of Potrends

The tale of Akali Faith—The heart and soul behind Potrends

From humble beginnings in Nigeria to a fresh start in Johannesburg Akali's tale begins in Nigeria, a place that teems with fashion-forward women—especially in luxury...
Young designers

Young designers taking care

Average reading time: 4 minutes. In the quest for a more sustainable future, young designers are using their creativity and talent to promote ethical and...

INFLUHKS: Hard work waits for no-one

Average read time: 7 minutes. The world of fashion is in a constant state of evolution, and nowhere is this more evident than in the...
- Italy’s jewellery box

Diva! – Italy’s jewellery box

Average Read Time: 5 minutes. The Fashion Bridges Project, initiated by the efforts of Mrs. Oriana Mannaioli Cuculi, wife of the Ambassador of Italy in...

One Step closer to the future

Average Read Time: 5 minutes. By courtesy invite, ASA Magazine attended the FEDISA Graduate Fashion Flash and Fashion Film Screening in Cape Town. While the...
DROMe fashion show at Italian Embassy in Cape Town.

DROMe – We are the collectors of personalities

Average Read Time: 5 minutes. Let’s go back in time; Bruce Davidson, a social landscape photographer, spent an entire year in the 80s photographing people...