Seth Shezi is a modern renaissance man. A businessman, style icon, artist, influencer and more. Now that lockdown has eased and we’re beginning to venture out into the world again, where should we be going? We turned to Seth to tell us about the places he’s loving right now.

Hike: Lion’s Head

Lions Head
Image courtesy Leo Moko on Unsplash

A habit that started during lockdown that Seth persevered with is hiking in the morning. His favourite hike is the popular Lion’s Head, but his way is a little bit more unique. “I usually hike directly off Ocean View Drive and go all the way up,” Seth says, “it makes the trip twice as long but that means you benefit from it more.”

Breakfast: Hemelhuijs

Image from Hemelhuijs

One of Seth’s favourite breakfast spots is Hemelhuijs, a quirky and divine restaurant in Cape Town’s city centre. He enjoys it there because it’s usually quiet in the mornings and it’s a beautiful place to plan the rest of your day. On the menu, he enjoys the homemade potato rösti with herbed créme and soft poached eggs. If he’s there for lunch, Seth’s favourite dish is the baby squid.

Breakfast: Naked

Another breakfast spot that Seth enjoys is Naked in Sea Point. “It’s where all the entrepreneurs and freelancers hang out. You always see lots of different faces that are familiar. It has a cool sense of what a co-working space is without being a traditional co-working space,” Seth explains. When at Naked, Seth’s favourite breakfast is the smashed avo served on potato rösti with salmon or bacon.

Lunch: Salsify at the Roundhouse

Salsify at The Roundhouse
Salsify at The Roundhouse. Image courtesy of Seth Shezi.

When it comes to lunch, Seth likes to visit Salsify at the Roundhouse in Camps Bay. This stunning location boasts beautiful artwork and a meticulous menu. He enjoys the location because it’s out of the city centre and is more secluded. “It feels more like a sense of occasion,” he says. Seth really loves the fish dishes — one he particularly enjoyed was served around Easter and was a modern play on pickled fish. He describes the relaxed setting of the restaurant – because they don’t turn tables you have enough time to really enjoy your meal.

Chill: Bakoven Beach

Bakhoven Bay
Image courtesy Marcreation on Unsplash

A place Seth likes to go to relax in the afternoons is Bakoven Beach. A sheltered beach between Llandudno and Camps Bay, he found a spot that is just off from the main beach where not many people go – just a bunch of boulders. “You can basically just sit there, bring your own towel, cushion and your laptop and you’re basically sitting right on the ocean. You’d be surprised at how quiet it can be,” Seth reveals.

Drinks: Silo Rooftop

Silo Hotel rooftop
Silo Hotel rooftop. Image Courtesy Seth Shezi.

For evening drinks, Seth likes to frequent the Silo Rooftop. Situated at the top of the Silo Hotel, it boasts beautiful views and ambience. According to Seth, it tends to be quieter than most rooftop bars and if you’re wanting to go to a place where you can easily social distance from others, this is a good spot. According to this aficionado of the best places in Cape Town, the views there are unobstructed although it can be a little windy!

Drinks: The Gin Bar

The Gin Bar
The Gin Bar. Image courtesy Kelly Anderson.

When he’s in the mood for a cosier vibe, Seth likes to go to The Gin Bar, which is situated behind Honest Chocolate on Wale Street. “It has a nice courtyard, it’s run by young people, the crowd is always eclectic, and it has a sort of speakeasy vibe,” Seth says.  He also reckons that they make the best Negroni in Cape Town, which is his favourite cocktail.

Dinner: The Test Kitchen Fledgelings

A new dinner restaurant that Seth is enjoying is The Test Kitchen Fledgelings, which can be found where the Shortmarket Club was. Luke Dale Roberts of the Test Kitchen put together an outreach program where they teach unskilled workers to cook under the mentorship of top chefs. “I’ve been twice since they opened recently and it’s really good,” Seth says, adding, “you get a heart-warming sense when you go there because you know that they’re doing good work.” He also praised the cool Godfather-esque décor. With regards to the menu, the various options mean that it’s a good option to go as a group where everyone can have something different.


As an artist, Seth has frequented galleries all over the city, but even though he loves a good First Thursday, he also enjoys the smaller galleries. A good example of one of his favourites is WHATIFTHEWORLD in Buiten Street. “They are so good at breaking some of the young artists who are going to be very big. Even if you’re not going to buy, spend some time there just as a form of education and to acquaint yourself with the art and the artists,” he says.

Bar: Publik Wine Bar

Publik Wine Bar
Publik Wine Bar. Image Seth Shezi

At the end of the night, Seth likes to go to a wine bar, especially Publik on Kloof Nek Road. “It’s like when something just feels right. It has a sense that it’s just about the wine and nothing else because the decor is not overly flashy, but it doesn’t feel shabby either,” Seth says. He enjoys the simple menu which is extremely tasty. With regards to the wine, he praised the staff on how good they are at chatting with you and suggesting what wine might be the right one for you. “It’s what all wine bars want to be. If you arrive there not knowing what you want and then you discover through a guided process the right one for you, I think that’s really cool,” Seth adds.

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Words   |  Caryn Welby-Solomon @carynwelbys
Editor   |   Nikki Temkin  @nikkitemkin