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Get comfy

COSI Hoodie

As the days start to get warmer, it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. Add a few items like a pure cotton-knit outfit, or shorts and a hoodie. Nothing too bulky… The Cosi Wear hoodie and long shorts, available in a spectrum of fab colours, is the perfect choice as we transition to summer.

Designed for effortless style, comfort and versatility, locally made Cape Town-based lifestyle brand Cosi’s ‘mix ’n match’ collections are just what you need for lounging at home or outdoor adventures.

Find your perfect Cosi Wear fit at WeAreEGG, the next generation retail and concept store at Cavendish Square. WeAreEgg displays the best of local and international brands. Shop in-store or simply put your feet up and shop online from the comfort of your home.

Hoodie (R649) and Long Shorts (R649) available online and at WeAreEGG.

Website: Cosi Wear    Instagram: @cosiwear    Facebook: @cosiwear
Website: WeAreEGG    Instagram: @weare_egg    Facebook: @WeAreEGG

Leader of the pack

Winter’s wrapping up and the great outdoors beckons. Perhaps that’s why we’ve got backpacks on our mind. That, and the fact that the backpack is definitely the bag of choice for fashion-forward men right now. Backpacks let you haul a whole lot of stuff. From books and laptops, water bottles and lunches, maybe even a picnic blanket and a bottle of your favourite tipple. All while keeping your hands free to snap pics or scroll through your cellphone.

Sealand Gear
Archie 17 Terra Backpack

Enter Sealand Gear. Inspired by Cape Town, a love for adventure, and a mission to protect the outdoors, Sealand Gear is a lifestyle brand that focuses on responsibly-made gear and apparel, manufacturing all its bags from up-cycled and ethically sourced materials.

ASA’s pick? Undoubtedly the Sealand Gear Archie 17 Terra backpack. A practical choice for any explorer, it has a spacious interior, front pockets to keep smaller belongings safely stored, padded back and internal laptop pocket.

Archie 17 Terra Backpack (R1,550)

Website: Sealand Gear   Instagram: @sealandgear   Facebook: @SealandGear

Sole of champions

Woodstock (brown sole)

If you don’t already own a pair of Veldskoen Shoes, let’s just say you and your feet are missing out. Chosen footwear for the 2021 South African Olympic team, Veldskoen, endearingly known as “vellies”, are the preferred choice of the adventurous. With over 400 years of handcrafted tradition and redesigned for the modern adventurer, there’s a veldskoen (field shoe) style for everyone. Steeped in South African heritage going back as far as the 17th century, Veldskoen embodies the idea of a hardworking, tough as nails shoe, that can, and will, get the job done. Just what you need to tackle your springtime adventures. Not only that, but Prince Harry wore them in the bush and America. Vellies have also been chosen by actors Ashton Kutcher (he is also an investor in the brand) and Matthew McConaughey to adorn their feet.

The Veldskoen Heritage continues to be the most popular style in the range. Reimagined with Veldskoen’s signature colourful soles and a streamlined design, they remain, everything a traditional pair of south African Veldskoen should be. Tough, comfortable, and reliable. Whether you opt for a pair in Farmer grey, J-Bay blue, Vilakazi yellow, Lowveld green or any of the eye-catching hues on offer, you’ll be stepping out in true South African style.

Heritage Shoe (R999)

Website: Veldskoen Shoes   Instagram: @veldskoenshoes   Facebook: @veldskoen.shoes

Into the wild

Sexy Socks
Buffalo Socks

Author Ernest Hemingway said it best, “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.” Whether you’ve already seen the beautiful African bushveld and all its magnificent inhabitants in living colour, or you dream to tick it off your bucket list, the Sexy Socks ‘Out of Africa’ sock range will definitely add a splash of fun to an ordinarily dull wardrobe staple.

Sexy Socks are designed, sourced and manufactured in Cape Town and made from bamboo. This means they’re unbelievably soft, antibacterial, odourless, hypoallergenic and much kinder to the environment. They also have the added benefit of being a socially-driven company determined to make a difference. Sexy Socks donates a pair of school socks to underprivileged South African school children for every pair of Sexy Socks sold!

Buffalo Bamboo Socks (R199)

Website: Sexy Socks   Instagram: @sexysockssa   Facebook: @SexySocksSA

Bucket list must-have

Men’s Boonie Bucket Hat

A hat is an essential warm weather accessory. Especially after months indoors due to cold weather and lockdowns. Remember, a good hat can be as reliable as a proper sunscreen. So, whether you’re hanging out at the beach, playing around in the park or just taking a hike on a sunny day, your hat will keep your face from turning into a red, painful mistake.

What’s more, the right hat instantly takes any outfit to the next level. Think about it this way: you’re wearing a simple shirt and chinos or a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Top those looks off with a hat and instantly you look cooler and better groomed. While there are plenty of styles to consider, the old-school fisherman’s bucket hat remains this season’s favourite. Check out homegrown Old Khaki’s terrific selection in stores and online now.

Men’s Denim Bucket Hat (R250)

Website: Old Khaki   Instagram: @oldkhaki   Facebook: @oldkhaki


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Sealand Gear: Anne Munna
Veldskoen: Blue sole images with dog – Van Artist Media
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Old Khaki: Courtesy of Old Khaki