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The new collection is here

Humility (noun): the quality of not thinking that you are better than other people; the quality of being humble. 

Or, better yet, the new Broke Collection.

Yesterday at 2 pm, the 4th floor at Jack Lemkus was hustling with laughter and excitement as final touches were put into place. White chairs lined up, cameras and microphones being tested, and a solicitous, but happy Andile Dlamini, one of the founders of BROKE Wear, lending a hand wherever he can. 

Broke Boys Collection 2022 launch event
Andile Dlamini.

“If it doesn’t make sense, it will. Broke is for the people, Broke is the government, Broke is for the streets and the dreamers. If we can do it, so can you.”  – Broke Boys

We had the absolute pleasure of joining and experiencing Broke (a local streetwear brand) in Cape Town for a truly special fashion show. If you don’t already know, Broke takes a well know concept with a negative connotation and turns it into something positive, a space for the rebels and misfits if you will.

Broke Boys Collection 2022 launch event

This young blood brand has already made waves with its non-conforming collections since its launch in 2016, and clearly, after today, they are nowhere from done. Even tonight, his very own friends and family modeled his collection. And trust us, you have never seen something so heartwarming.

The runway is ready for you, Broke Boys

“Be you, don’t try so hard and just enjoy life and try to make the best of it” – Broke Boys

The brand is an abbreviation for ‘being rebellious over Konforming to expectation’. And it was evident in the crowd. Once the doors opened, the energy was extraordinary. People from all different worlds of fashion came to celebrate the new collection. From high heels and leather to vintage sneakers and puffer jackets. Even moments of DIY fashion next to high-end fashion were caught and enjoyed by the crowd.

Broke Boys Collection 2022 launch event

Broke has never felt so good

The show started with a monologue of thoughts on what Broke means to friends and family of the collective, followed by effortless streetwear pieces worn by their actual family and friends.

Broke Boys
Sindiso Tshuma (right) alongside Bathandwa Ngwendu celebrates with a bottle of Belaire Gold.

Through an understated yet thoughtful concept, we experienced their journey front and centre on the runway. At the start, the models would stop and sit down for a smoke, just taking a moment to chill. This gave us a look at their lives before the brand came to life; when they were just chilling as the Broke family.

As the walks continue, we could see them come together at the end of the runway to pop a bottle of Belair Champagne with their Broke family. The iconic moment showed us that through this journey, there is nothing broke about Broke Boys.

The show was filled with cheers, some laughs and don’t forget the hugs. Now, try to find that feeling on a runway. We dare you.

Thank you Broke Boys for sharing your story with us.

What did the collection give us?

In this collection, we are seeing new winter pieces with strong earth tones such as deep greens, touches of blue and rich tones of brown. The collection truly gives off a feeling of effortless comfort with denim and corduroy jacket and pant combinations and introduces vibrant pops through its unisex T-shirts and windbreakers.

We quickly picked up on the feeling of “vintage meets modern street fashion” through the combination of retro shapes and cuts with modern tailoring and finishes. The colours give us a true ’70s and early ’90s feel, while the illustrations align with more modern elements. The simplicity and versatility of this unisex collection can elevate any winter wardrobe, regardless of your daily style.

Broke is not a (financial) statement

Andile said he wants to stay away from the runway flash. The new collection contains easy, stylish, and ready-to-wear pieces. Not what you would expect on some runways, but Andile made it clear that he wants to make clothes that his family and friends would enjoy.

Broke Boys Collection 2022 launch eventHe told us he doesn’t want a traditional runway where people feel like they need to dress a certain way or look a certain way. He says “come as you are and come to enjoy it with us. Because more than anything, we want to celebrate with our tribe. We want to connect with the person who is supporting us.”

Andile feels that if they lose the humbleness that allows them to connect with others, they will lose who they are and what they stand for. “We want to be accessible to anyone who wants to support us. We have been around since 2016, it’s not just been us or the city but also those outside of the city who resonate with what we are doing.”

Keep it in the family

Broke Boys Collection 2022 launch event
“Before we influence the world, we are first influenced by each other” – Andile

When we asked Andile about the inspiration behind the collection, it was simple: “All of my inspiration comes from my friends, It’s our way of life, it’s what you go through at the moment. It’s all based on our lifestyle. I make clothes based on what we are wearing. It’s all just friends.”

Broke claims that their biggest advantage is that they don’t get influenced by trends, but by each other, he laughingly said, “I will see my friends wear loafers and then I am like, yoh, loafers are a good thing, I should get me a pair of loafers”.

At the end of the day, we need to consider the impact of our influencers and where we get our influencers. These days we are quick to jump on trends and styles that operate on global scales, but maybe it’s time to step back and find creative inspiration and influence in people and places that are close to us. It could be a valuable compass in creating a humble community right here at home.

Broke, thank you for an effortless collection. We can’t wait to take it to the street.


Words | Wilke-Mari Hamman
Photos | Jack Lemkus (Collection) and Gidion Felix (Event)