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ASA embodies self-expression, design, and art. Recognising creatives as the pivotal essence of 21st-century culture. The Art Of Collaboration extended their hands and collaborated further with Bubbles and Bliss to raise funds for the Stellcare project. It was an honour to be invited.

Bubbles & Bliss
Bubbles & Bliss

Bubbles & Bliss gives us the pleasure of an evening decked with luxury, fashion, cuisine, decor and art with their annual fundraiser, benefiting organisations such as the StellCare/StellSorg: Stellenbosch and Districts Family Services. It’s a culmination of extraordinary service providers in the wedding and entertainment industries that generously give their time and expertise to make the event a huge success every year!

Bubbles & Bliss
Bubbles & Bliss

The event began in 2017, and with funds raised from multiple tickets sales as well as the renowned silent auction, Bubble and Bliss have raised close to R100,000 for families and kids in the villages of Idas Valley, Cloetesville, Kayamandi, as well as some areas of Eersterivier. Since then, the event has only grown in popularity, where you will find brilliant performances, art collaborations and stunning runway collections.

Like every good party, there was a theme for the evening. ‘Formal with a touch of creativity. It’s fair to say that the audience brought us everything and more, so much so that it felt like they were just as runway-ready as the models.

The looks were extraordinary. The guests made sure that fur, pops of colours and metallic finishes were a clear theme this year, completely enrapturing the venue, while the performers and hosts entertained us in the most beautiful Stephen Van Eeden pieces, a perfect way to introduce us to the runway shows to come.

Bubbles & Bliss
Bubbles & Bliss

Dani Ville, Lynelle Kenned and Andre Terblanche were just some of the talented performers of the evening. They appeared between the various runway shows for Stephen Van Eeden and Fashion Students from Elizabeth Galloway.



The first of the many shows was that of the MMXMS collaborative fashion lifestyle brand for the modest-meets-modern woman by designers Maghboebah Manuel Khan & Stephen Van Eeden.

Each piece is modern, yet integrative of African and Eastern cultures, transcending time, and feeling exquisite to the touch. The truly original designs result from rich inspiration and meaningful experiences, all of which are meticulously inwoven in garments that symbolize feminine grace and modest sophistication. MMXMS is seductive but undeniably understated; fashionable, but approachable and accessible.

Each piece was constructed with thought. Made from a unique combination of fabrics, textures, graphics, and prints, with striking colours of brilliant orange, chartreuse, cobalt blue, yellow, and lime green used to create unison amongst the collection, softened with sheer black and grey.

The bold message was accented with cargo pockets and clasp fastenings with a utilitarian aesthetic, which is contrasted with opulent gloss satin, fluid chiffons, and translucent organza. An absolute feast for the eye, if you ask us.

Lenka De Waal

Lenka De Waal
Lenka De Waal

Following some more entertainment, we got a preview of “Earthly Gems” a collection by Lenka de Waal, a fashion student from Elizabeth Galloway. Her fascination with precious and semi-precious

gemstones inspired the collection. A refined take of the uncommon and valuable phenomenon in a new medium, in celebration of the magnificent creation, brought about by the power of nature.

The collection combined colourful jewel tones with neutral dusty tones in a way that just felt effortless. Lenka shows a great talent for creating pieces that balance structure and flow for an elegant finish. We are sure we will be seeing much more of her work in the future.

Lerato Mojaki

Lerato Mojaki
Lerato Mojaki

A collection that honours culture, ancestry, and heritage. Lerato took inspiration not just from her Tswana roots, but those from her family history, revealing new connections to tribes and traditions embraced through her collection. The pieces share treads and inspiration from Tswana, Xhosa, Pedi, and Khoi.

Lerato describes the collection as a composition of her/our past, present, and future selves.

The variety of prints, shapes, and colours brings fresh twists to the runway in a way that feels both modest and powerful. Truly stunning, inclusive and ready for any woman who wants to embrace herself.

Christi Steyn

Later on in the evening, Christi Steyn surprised us with two poetry readings, one in Afrikaans and one in English. The pieces brought stillness, vulnerability and romance to the room, something Steyn is renowned for on her social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Stephen van Eerden

Stephen van Eerden
Stephen van Eerden

The capsule collection on display was a mix of classic works produced in 2021 and 2022 by The Stephen Van Eeden Atelier, in direct or indirect collaboration with Stephen. It was a tribute and celebration to all the artists who worked together to bring this project to fruition, including Bubbles and Bliss.


The runway show was a masterpiece of classic detail, texture, colour and elegance. The pieces held the softest touch of Parisian flair, romanticizing feminine shapes and local patterns and finishes. It was clear that the collection had a variety of influences, which only further nurtured an inspiring movement around the importance of collaborating. As a result, the collection turned the wine lands into a fairytale of elegance and collaboration. We gazed upon stunning garments, bold accessories and headpieces by designers and brands such as Relier Design, Dane Vewey Floral Design and ​​Christine’s Atelier.

By the end of the collection, we were treated to a video published by ASA, “the art of collaboration” that captured the whole room. It was the perfect moment to remind everyone of the importance of collaboration to support artists, designers, and the local community.

A great big thank you to the amazing team that stitched this evening together so perfectly, we can’t wait for the next one.


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