A journey illustrated through fabric

Taking inspiration from her life and surroundings, Akali has infused her latest offerings with unprecedented originality. She has collaborated with artists to capture the rich textures and vibrant hues that exemplify her time in Johannesburg. One of the standout pieces features a design that encapsulates the city’s striking blue skies on her arrival—a strange new sighting from what she was accustomed to in Nigeria.

The Collection Illustration of blue skies on arrival
The Collection Illustration of blue skies on arrival

Pushing boundaries, both cultural and creative

In an audacious move, Akali has also incorporated artwork depicting her smoking cannabis on her balcony, in tribute to her realization that the act was legal in her home in Johannesburg. This not only captures a personal moment of introspection but also boldly reflects the city’s laid-back attitude and its impact on her.

Potrend Joburg Set with “birds & cannabis” illustration
Potrends Joburg Set with “birds & cannabis” illustration

A focus on originality over trends

The collection features her hallmark—unique fabrics, bold prints, and oversized looks. Yet what truly sets Akali apart is her refusal to take the easy way out by falling into the trap of creating generic, trend-based designs. Despite advice to focus on easier-to-sell t-shirt designs, she’s remained true to her vision. “Patience and trust in yourself makes the difference,” she muses.

Going against the grain

In an industry that can be brutally competitive and trend-driven, Akali stands as a designer unafraid of marching to the beat of her own drum. She emphasizes the lessons learned from her daily struggle to balance quality and affordability: “It’s my daily challenge to produce pieces of the highest quality without compromising on my brand or what the buyer receives.”

Illustrations used as patterned on a pair of Potrends Pants
Illustrations used as patterned on a pair of Potrends Pants

With “Potrends Joburg,” Akali Faith hasn’t just released another fashion collection; she’s shared an autobiographical tapestry of her life in Johannesburg. Each piece serves as a visual narrative, capturing the subtle and vivid nuances of a city that has deeply influenced her creative journey. Unafraid of being controversial, and refusing to cater to fleeting trends, Akali’s latest work reminds us that fashion should be a personal expression that defies the norm.

“I don’t look at trends, I look at people.” – Akali Faith

It’s a collection that demands attention, challenges perceptions, and most importantly, invites you to explore the rich tapestry of experiences that influence it. As you drape yourself in a Potrends original, remember that you’re not just wearing a piece of clothing—you’re embracing a piece of Akali, a piece of Johannesburg, and a piece of a story that continues to defy and define fashion norms. ASA applauds you, Akali.