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Welcome to Lagos Street, a lively hub of African Streetwear, nestled at number 17, Bree Street in Cape Town. This vibrant pop-up shop echoes the dynamic fashion revolution being threaded together in the heart of the city, and it is fascinating to see the colourful spectrum of Nigerian Streetwear come to life.

Lagos Street is more than a shopping destination, it’s a beacon of the cultural vibrancy of African streetwear, bringing together three remarkable brands: RVGER, King on Horses, and 101 Avenue, under one roof. With the intention to showcase, celebrate, and elevate Nigerian fashion, this venture creates a community around a shared love for streetwear design.

Lagos Street
Lagos Street on Bree, Cape Town

Let’s take a look at the stylish trio: 

RVGER: The Voice of the Rebel Generation

Firstly, we explore RVGER, a brand embodying the rebellious energy of Lagos, Nigeria. RVGER is more than a clothing line. Its mission is to redefine streetwear in Africa, celebrating those who pursue their dreams against all odds. With a portfolio offering more than just apparel, RVGER provides an identity – an expression of freedom, passion, culture, and adventure.

King on Horses: The Confluence of Tradition and Modernity

Next, we delve into King on Horses, a brand bringing together classic tailoring and contemporary streetwear. By fusing traditional African textiles with modern aesthetics, King on Horses resonates on both a local and international level. Its unconventional approach offers a distinctive and audacious fashion statement.

101 Avenue: A Sneaker Legacy Extended

Finally, we present 101 Avenue, a brand that initially made its name in the sneaker world. During the pandemic’s slowdown, 101 Avenue transitioned into innovative clothing designs, starting with customized Nike Air Force 1’s. Now, their catalog has broadened to include an impressive range of streetwear and modular jackets.

Lagos Street
Lagos Street Interior, featuring the first three brands, RVGER, King on Horses and 101 Avenue

The future of Lagos Street

Visually inspired by ‘The Simpsons,’ Lagos Street offers a hint of nostalgia that creatively bridges the designers and customers. But it isn’t just a point of sale; it’s a hub for community building, aiming to celebrate and elevate Nigerian fashion. The pop-up shop will remain for six months, during which it plans to incorporate more brands, amplifying its offering and broadening its impact on African streetwear. 

Looking beyond this, Lagos Street plans to cement its presence with a permanent store in Bree Street. Following this, it intends to export its unique African streetwear narrative to Europe with a pop-up tour. 

In essence, Lagos Street is a bustling testament to the potential of African fashion, showcasing the energy, creativity, and resilience of the continent. It serves not only as a retail space but as a symbol of unity and shared African identity, a nod to the rebellious spirit that it so boldly clothes. As ASA, we are excited to follow this venture’s journey and witness the indelible mark it’s bound to leave on the global fashion stage.