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As temperatures rise, so does the bar for Cape Town’s social scene, and we’re here to ensure you stay ahead of the curve. What better way to relish the high tides and good vibes of this stunning city than by dipping your toes in its most luxurious hotspots? We know that our readers love nothing less than the absolute best, and we’ve made it our mission to curate the ultimate guide to Cape Town’s most spectacular venues.

Whether you’re sipping bespoke cocktails on a rooftop, indulging in gourmet dinners by the sea, or exploring sophisticated hideaways nestled amidst scenic vineyards, the following list is meticulously crafted to match your taste for the extraordinary.

Rooftop views and a pool: O’Two Hotel Rooftop Bar

Located at the epicenter of Cape Town’s leisure scene in Mouille Point, O’Two Hotel Rooftop Bar promises an experience akin to a high-end private oasis. Panoramic views showcase the Green Point stadium, dramatically lit come evening, and the stunning city skyline. Craft cocktails, meticulously curated, echo the essence of Cape Town’s rich culture. Here, luxury meets comfort; the pool is heated for year-round dips while a rotating roster of DJs keeps the vibes fresh and exclusive. This is not just a place to unwind; it’s a location to be seen and to socialize. Ideal for sultry summer evenings where style and sophistication blend seamlessly.

O’Two Hotel Rooftop Bar
O’Two Hotel Rooftop Bar
3 Surrey Pl, Mouille Point, Cape Town

Book a month in advance, maybe? Galjoen (Just opened)

If exclusivity had a flavor, it would taste like Galjoen. After the grand opening on the 16th of June 2023, this spot already delivers on a culinary adventure that is as mysterious as it is luxurious. Here, every dish is a guarded secret, revealed only to those who make the one-month advance reservation. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, appealing to the eco-conscious elite. This is a unique, intimate seafood experience that whispers of oceanic opulence.

Galjoen restaurant
99 Harrington St, District Six, Cape Town

Website: https://www.galjoencpt.co.za/

Glamour and beach sand: Grand Africa Café & Beach

Grand Africa Café & Beach is a cult classic; it’s where Cape Town’s elite come to relish the sumptuous ocean views. A mere stone’s throw from the city, this coastal gem offers a perfect blend of relaxed elegance and luxurious charm. With five distinct bars, an ocean-view deck, and a vibe that screams endless summer, it effortlessly bridges the gap between glamour and comfort. This is the ultimate backdrop for your Instagram, complete with Robben Island in the distance. It’s both a romantic dinner location and a chic afternoon hotspot. Keep an eye out, because if there is a summer festival, it’s happening here.

Grand Africa Café & Beach
Grand Africa Café & Beach
Granger Bay Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Website: https://grandafrica.com/grand-africa-cafe-beach/

Subtle and hidden, must be Incognito

Incognito is a gem tucked away in Constantia’s lush landscapes, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Amidst beautiful gardens and historic oak trees, the bar serves as a sanctuary for connoisseurs of exquisite cocktails and wines. It’s a high-end, chic spot that oozes sophistication without losing its friendly, inviting vibe. Think: luxury meet-up spot with a touch of nature.

The bar celebrates the art of mixology, where each cocktail is not just a drink but a carefully crafted experience. The extensive wine list pays tribute to local vineyards, offering a curated selection that perfectly complements the culinary offerings. If you appreciate the finer things in life, particularly an eloquent blend of classic aesthetics and modern luxury, Incognito is the hideaway you seek.

Incognito Constantia
Alphen Drive, Constantia, Cape Town


The latest hotspot for champaign and dinner, The Nines

Located on the ninth floor of Sea Point’s Station House, The Nines is an atmospheric paradise. As Cape Town’s latest sensation, it pairs panoramic views stretching from Lion’s Head to the endless horizon of the Atlantic, with an interior that speaks volumes of understated opulence. The layout is awash in natural tones of sand, tans, and grays, enriched by textures of raw wood, stone, and copper.

The culinary journey here is equally remarkable, with dishes that find a delicate balance between classic and contemporary. Just as its breathtaking sunset views are best enjoyed with a glass of bubbly, the bistro and grill-style dishes—think aged beef carpaccio and blistered asparagus—demands to be savored slowly, in good company.

The Nines Seapoint Cape Town
The Nines
Station House, 19 Kloof Rd, Sea Point


Looking for some “self-care”? Therapy Restaurant (Just opened)

A brand new spot in Cape Town! This is not merely a restaurant; it’s a gastronomic healing session. From the moment you step in, Therapy encapsulates you in a warm embrace of excellent service, aesthetically pleasing interiors, and a menu that can only be described as ‘soul food’ for the sophisticated palate. Their take on classic dishes, alongside an impressive collection of cocktails and wines, ensures that dining here is a full-bodied experience.

Every visit feels like a journey through culinary landscapes, accompanied by melodies of background music and art pieces that are as expressive as the dishes. Therapy doesn’t just serve food; it serves an experience that is therapeutic for all senses.

Therapy restaurant Cape Town
Therapy restaurant
5 Park Rd, Gardens, Cape Town

Website: https://www.therapyrestaurant.co.za/

Exclusive, limited-time and in a gallery? Rose’s Table Restaurant

Looking for an extraordinary culinary adventure? Then book a spot at Rose’s Table, a limited-seat pop-up restaurant in an art gallery. Featuring a four-course menu, wine pairing, and live jazz, this is more than a meal—it’s a cultural experience. With only 30 seats, this is exclusivity at its finest, making it a perfect date spot or a luxurious solo indulgence. Book it before you miss it.

Rose’s Table Restaurant
Rose’s Table Restaurant
76 Wale Street, City Centre, Cape Town

Website: https://chefherorose.co.za/roses-table-cape-town/

Looking for the chef of the year? Let’s go to Salon

Meet SALON, the newest marvel from the culinary genius Luke Dale Roberts, situated in the Old Biscuit Mill precinct. Decorated with Art Deco flair, this restaurant takes you on a nine-course culinary journey, showcasing the chef’s globetrotting influences. Recently, Roberts snagged the Chef of the Year award at the Ragout Awards, which means you’re dining at a restaurant curated by the best in the business.

Salon restaurant Cape Town
375 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town

Website: https://salonct.co.za/

We hope our exclusive guide has elevated your expectations and plans for an unforgettable summer in Cape Town. These opulent locations are not just venues; they’re chapters in a story you will tell, stamped with the flavors, sights, and sounds that make this city a pulsating heart of luxury and style.

The experiences each spot offers are as unique as they are extravagant. Rest assured, a summer spent exploring these luxurious Cape Town hotspots is a summer well-lived.

As we close this chapter, we leave you with a challenge—go ahead, savor the magic, embrace the beauty, and let the city’s rhythm seep into your soul. Here’s to an extraordinary summer.