When people zol
And then they share that zol
When it comes to cigarettes, tobacco products and related
That we should not open up the sale of products
And the reason are health related eh but also
When people zol
They put saliva on the paper eh and then they share that zol…”

Sound familiar? Over 5 million streams on Spotify, number one on Apple Music and a humorous approach to anything the government has to say… the creator is a man who is nowhere near done. Meet the artist who knows no genre.

When people zol song creator, Max Hurrell, has been making music for almost 10 years, dropping beats across all genres as he goes. But while we might see him as a new local artist, he’s actually been working hard right under our noses. No megaphone needed.

“I have accepted that most people now know me for the thing I did that was the most popular. That’s just how it is when you become a topic of conversation – people have to associate you with something so it makes sense in their minds.” Max

Not only did he keep us laughing (which we desperately needed) during the horrors of 2020 with the track that went viral during lockdown (and led to many memes), but this multifaceted artist has taken over every major South African stage for the last 3 years, released songs with over 2 million streams (such as Shots fired) and performed internationally in Asia and the Middle East.

Asa Magazine Max Hurrell

Hurrell has been laying the groundwork with a certain mindset for the future of his music brand, along with his other interests in and out of the spotlight.  “I’ll keep making moves behind the scenes. Those that follow the journey will know, others will find out when the next big thing happens. I’ve proven to myself that when I focus on something, I will make things happen…” says Max.

As someone who runs three business ventures (including his music), he’s realised that it’s not about the limelight, but rather about passion. “When I’m truly happy, nothing gets in the way of my work ethic,” he affirms.

The artist hasn’t let the type of music he makes or fame define him, so don’t dare assume his genre. He enjoys the freedom of a creativity that doesn’t limit him to a specific sound or tempo. Max sees music as an art of expression, which is why one day he’ll turn the words of our minister into a hit single and the next day release a melodic electronic masterpiece such as Whisper and Demons.

He reckons, “people who hate on a particular genre of music simply don’t understand the context in which that music genre is enjoyed”. Perhaps his open-minded attitude will inspire you to add something different to your playlist today.


Images by Migal Van As