Arriving at EGG in Cavendish Square, Cape Town, feels like landing in a future that, unlike so many popular dystopian stories of our time, has turned out exceptionally well. This is where individuality is celebrated, self-care is encouraged and freedom of expression is natural. Each corner reveals a scene worthy of the most gorgeously curated Instagram feed. Think of a lush community within a bright and beautiful marketplace of imaginative, diverse offerings to delight, sustain and adorn the visitor.

Fashion, décor and so much more

Wander down a rainbow strewn path, float through sublime shelves filled with soft tones and colours, lose yourself in patterns and textures for home embellishment, seek out the emerald green cavern with delicious coffee scenting the air and then strike out for the chic black styling area. A mega-space that draws you in and around, Alice’s wonderland awaits with adventure on offer in the central court that showcases live events, collaborations and displays as well as an ever-evolving range of merchandise.

As with all innovation, much is incubated long before the final product is seen by the public. This project was carefully developed between Paul Simon (of Young Designer’s Emporium) fame, Arie Fabian (of Fabiani), and Old Mutual Property, and officially opened in December 2020. With a passion for the unique design to be found within South Africa, as well as collaborating with new, up-and-coming as well as established local designers and makers, this powerful team brings something altogether novel to a new age of mindful and discerning consumers.

Multi-dimensional shopping experience

Asa Magazine Egg Store
Egg Store Interior

The developers describe the project as: “a uniting omnichannel in a multidimensional shopping-as-experience format, that combines retail, e-commerce and an interactive consumer app”.   EGG is appealing to a new generation of consumer that seeks all, locally-sourced, learning and lifestyle fulfilment experience from a trip to the mall.  Simon seeks to stimulate a sustainable connection between small independent businesses with large retail opportunities and a robust customer base.

As we’ve shifted our patterns over the preceding months, so the flow of consumer engagement and retail has changed. We naturally find ourselves seeking safe access to fresh offerings that give us an opportunity to support local artisans. Encouraging customers to truly immerse themselves in the innovative energy of the extensive range of vendors, all EGG social media channels directly link to individual creators’ media – with shopping options. This kind of direct support gives customers the opportunity to personally discover the story of the product, service, or creation process – connecting with the source and gaining the power to make educated choices and communicate directly with our rich local community of creators.

Asa Magazine Egg Store
Egg Store Interior

Exquisite vendors

Nothing can prepare one for the exquisite diversity on offer… from eco-friendly beauty products, local homeware, designer fashion, streetwear and sneakers, to jewellery, wellness products and health food options, you’ll find 240 local brands to browse.

The wonderfully simple and straightforward Swiitchbeauty brand is dedicated to offering, “things that do what they say they’re going to do, don’t break the bank and also look cute,” says founder Rabia Ghoor. Ghoor tells the story of developing this brand in her bedroom as a teenager and she remains faithful to ensuring full authenticity in her product offerings.

It’s the very epitome of the new generation of customer-driven product creation for their community.

Cape Town based accessory and apparel company, Sealand Gear, recently held a customer collab feature in the stores centre court – an element of the store that appeals to genuine interactions and inspiring collaborations. Sealand gave customers the opportunity to meet the machinists, understand the process, select a fabric and leave with a personalised item. This world-class partner is thrilled to have a worthy local outlet for items that up until now have traditionally gone straight to export.

Committed to using reclaimed materials for their products, this brand continues to champion upcycling for a wide range of products and collaborations. Sealand Gear co-founder Jasper Eales says, “EGG is by far the most exciting retail space in South Africa, at its scale. Having seen some of the most exciting retail spaces around the world, we feel confident that EGG is a big step forward for how local brands are showcased.”

Coppa, a range of homeware and water decanters offers the essence of luxury with local specialised manufacturing.  Made entirely with this lustrous metal, the bottles are hand-forged with a modern design aesthetic. This range truly shines with its naturally warm patina. Coppa owner, Anastasia Jamieson, explains, “These water bottles are not only an eco-friendly alternative to the plastic water bottles we briefly use, but they purify, ionise and alkalise the water they hold.” Amongst a deftly curated collection of home accessories, these are but one of many environmentally aware, quality items offered instore.

Asa Magazine Egg Store
Egg Store Interior

If you could imagine an idyllic space station designed to amuse, entice, entertain and beguile, while also supporting a vibrant and essential community, then this is definitely it. Driving invention and revolution, along with the tangible goods laid out in one awe-inspiring space, visitors are encouraged to download the We Are Egg app in order to access an even broader range of engagement options. Referred to as a “phygital” experience, EGG invites you to blur the lines between your tactile surroundings and your online life.  An online e-commerce store is under construction to match the epic real-life wonder.

Too good to be located in only one space, this passion project is expanding. Within the next 36 months, there’ll be three more EGG precincts appearing across SA! Keep your eye on The Zone @ Rosebank and the Bedford Centre in Johannesburg, as well as the Gateway Theatre of Shopping in Durban. The shopping revolution has arrived.

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