Update: Watch ASA’s recent video interview with GOA.

ASA video interview with GOA
ASA video interview with GOA

Governor of Africa (GOA) is an unstoppable powerhouse. He ropes in all things entertainment and leaves nothing on the floor. From his signature parties, club-hosting and all the way to music production plus of course owning his own record label.

The Nigerian entertainment king first noticed he was making waves with his Bikini Splash Pool Party (if you have to ask check it out here!) and it triggered his work ethic straight away.

“They saw what I was all about, I connected artists, people and parties all on my own, I did it in Cape Town and it was such a success that we even ran out of alcohol which was crazy. I’ve learned that doing one thing is not enough. Look at how this party made people notice me. I hope one day to have a Bikini Splash Pool Party in every city I go to,” explains GOA.

GOA believes that you should always be doing more than one thing, especially if they feed into each other. He’s used his parties and club-hosting to connect, promote and entertain. In truth, he knows that networking and brand presence is everything, and particularly in collaboration with the right people. Influencers are always at the top of his list – this is his first stage of social media strategy. What better way to grow his own brand through the most hip and happening people?

“When you put people together online, you’re not just talking to your followers, but also to theirs. It’s how we shape a community and support each other”  – GOA

It seems that the social media maestro is so passionate about his work that work and play are one in the same. “I don’t have hobbies, if I’m not working, I find work… I like to be creative, think creatively or find inspiration in whatever way I can, that is how I make my next move,” he explains.

GOA is always on the move but outside of social media he’s quite a private man. How does he keep his private life separate and his mental health in check? And how does he set boundaries on social media? He says, “Social media pushes me. I get up and dress up for my followers, I show them my music and I listen to what they have to say. I see what other people do on there and how they are growing and it motivates me. When I’m done on social media, I stay home and enjoy my privacy”

If you don’t know already, GOA dresses up for Instagram the way he would dress up for an award show. He believes that until the day he plays in an arena, his social media fan base is his arena. Check out his latest song “Cincinnati” and see what it is all about.

He prepares for social media and for his fans like it is an event, but he doesn’t feel like he needs to live through it and share his private affairs. When he is done, he clocks out and enjoys his time with his loved ones.

You see, it’s not just the fact that you show up and leave an online platform, but the fact that in between those points you work. Social media is clearly his time to grow, maybe even yours.

“It would not have been easy for me to get to this level by now without them, it has been my biggest support. “

“I try to keep it real, my friends and followers who have followed me for years know who I am and how I have grown. I want to keep it that way, but I want to keep them entertained, so I make sure my content is good and my look is good”

ASA Governor of Africa Interview

Unlike most people, GOA has used social media to positively affect his mental health, he is looking for ways to grow, learn and motivate himself on social media, rather than being pressured by the limelight or the eyes lurking around him.

I think one thing we can take away from this is being able to separate yourself from social media, know when it is good for you versus when it’s not.

Social media is entertainment and networking, it doesn’t have to be so negative, you can leave when you are ready.

What are your thoughts around a balance on social media? Let us know and don’t forget to give the Governor of Africa a follow to see what he’s going to do next.


Words | Wilke-Mari Hamman @wmcreated
Photographer | Migal Van As @migalvanas
Make-up | The Makeup Touch @makeuptouch.sa