Imagine a restaurant built on the DNA of family-style dining where the restaurateur strikes up a conversation with you as if they’ve known you for years… that’s the aura of Gemelli.

Celebrity studded guests like Pharrell Williams and David Beckham have frequented the place… it’s little wonder why its owner, who has four establishments, is the epitome of black excellence. Soon, he’s set to open Phirinyane Bar.

AlessandroGemelli was founded six years ago by Alessandro Mosupi Khojane who had a vision of creating a homely restaurant offering great food and superb service. The son of a diplomat wanted to recreate the look and feel of his childhood home in Rome.

With industrial-looking furniture inspired by New York lofts – warm, neutral tones which give the restaurant a homely feel, Gemelli’s take on Italian-style cooking is just like its interior: unique.

The menu is based on an Italian foundation but with a modern twist. The most recommendable dish is definitely the popular Penne Alessandro named after the upbeat owner. Prepared by Chef Jonathan Nel, the dish offers an elegant combination of penne rigate, smoked chicken, prawn tails, roasted garlic, prosecco grain mustard cream and pecorino. The portions are also extremely generous. I was really blown away by the well-curated wine list which caters to being paired with the food.


Before you leave the establishment you really need to try the famous Gemelli signature almond nougat cheesecake which is poetry in your mouth. Ask the waiter to add gelato… Yum!

The consistency of the quality at the establishment comes from its leader, which brings me to how impeccable the service is. Patrons are treated with the utmost of dedication and efficiency.

As Covid-19 is an issue regarding proximity, the restaurant is quite strict when it comes to social distancing rules and capacity, so even though walk-ins are allowed, it’s better to reserve a table.

What’s clear is that everything harks back to the core essence of the restaurant: La famiglia prima (family first) and it’s a winning formula.

Highlights: Gemelli Restaurant

Cost for average meal: R450 for two (approx. excluding alcohol)
Type of cuisine: Italian
Overall rating out of 10: 9
Address: 13 Posthouse Link Centre, Corner Main & Posthouse Street Bryanston, Johannesburg
Phone: +27 (0)10 591 4333
WhatsApp: +27 (0)60 670 1364
IG: @gemelli_restaurant

Gemelli Restaurant