What are the origins of the song Ek en Jy Dikgat? What’s the vibe?

The lyrics were originally written as the first track from a musical where the protagonist is an aging Afrikaans pop star that just divorced her rugby star husband and moved back to her small hometown in the Swartland. This track is her comeback and is written from her point of view. It’s a feminist statement.

It’s also a dig to some male rappers, and especially those videos we all know where the (usually quite big) rapper is fully clothed whilst surrounded by young, near-naked dancing girls.

For the video we added another layer: what if our protagonist is a drag alien beamed down to earth to turn everyone gay? So, it’s very uniquely queer, fun and slightly bizarre. The music (every little bleep) was produced on analogue synths and we are very particular about how we want it. No samples and patches were used, except on some drums. Every other sound is “handcrafted” and made from scratch.

Why must you be so trashy?

(Giggle) Because we want to. But this is more kitsch and camp I think? A B-grade sci-fi set in Moorreesburg. We’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Huisgenoot magazine and what its popularity tells us of our community, so yes, trashy it is!

How does it feel to get 15000 views on YouTube? Is it because the song is irritatingly catchy?

It feels great, but we want more! We tried to write the worst song we could possibly come up with, so that it is catchy is a bonus.

Describe your sound:

Analogue retro synth-pop in Afrikaans, although it might be different in a year’s time. This was probably the first and last rap song we’ll ever do.

How much are you influenced by Die Antwoord?

We do admire some of their work, but find a lot of it too serious, and we don’t really like rap. We want to have more fun.

What’s next?

Our next single Is die Partytjie (dan nou verby) will be out in June, and it is about death, dying and lockdown. Our debut album will be out by the end of year. And yes, it will be a musical, a trash opera of sorts.

Why must we listen to your music?

Our music will always aspire to give you the unexpected in interesting ways. If it’s ever boring, please tell us and we’ll stop.

What makes you laugh?

People trying to have fun on a Sunday.


Words   |    Nikki Temkin  @nikkitemkin
Photographer   |     Paolo Sergio Toureiro @paulotoureiro
Art Direction    |     Romano Cardinal  @eentweedrieblokmyself