Tshego Manche
Tshego Manche

La Cucina Malfy Home Cook Series featuring UCook, captivated cuisine enthusiasts with an array of traditional Italian dishes. South Africa’s dazzling influencers Kefilwe Mabote, Tshego Manche and K Naomi along with Malfy Gin ambassador, Dineo Gewer show off their culinary skills by preparing hearty pasta dishes, bruschetta boards and salads.

With the intention of wanting to inspire local South Africans to explore and create their own Italian cuisine and delicious cocktails, Tshego Manche, fashion mogul and influencer extraordinaire shares her “La Dolce Vita” experience with Italian cuisine along with how she likes her Malfy Gin infused cocktail.

What are some of your favourite dishes and must-haves for get-togethers?

I love anything with rice and pasta. I know that’s a lot of carbs! (LOL). Also, anything with lots of sauce and chilli.

What was the first dish you learned how to make? Was it a success?

I think I was 14. I was alone; my mom was not around and my sister was asleep. I was really hungry and decided to make a sandwich. At that time we didn’t have a toaster so I popped it into the oven. It ended up being burnt to a crisp.

When making a dish for the first time, who do you turn to: Youtube, a cookbook or a loved one?

Life has been immensely digitised. I used cookbooks a lot. There’s something so special about books that make you feel connected to the chef. But, to be honest… I now use Youtube.  I love that I can make something for the first time and KILL IT! It’s so detailed and easy. I can pause and also be guided step by step.

La Cucina Malfy Home Cook Series

What are 5 kitchen accessories/appliances that you can’t live without?

  • My oven. It makes my life easy. I can make almost everything in it – even eggs.
  • My blender! I cook a lot of Jollof rice so I need it for some of my relish and stew mixes.
  • Whisk – I love whisking pancakes for my kids.
  • My knives.
  • The microwave! You always need hot food.

What is your ultimate culinary and fine dining experience?

Dining while a chef is narrating and doing a tasting – I once had that experience in Cape Town. I enjoyed the explanation of how each dish came about, the inspiration behind it  and what the chef was thinking. I love food that comes with a story because it tastes so much better.

Also, performance art with food. Eating a meal, with a good glass of gin or wine while watching a dance or any kind of performance is a vibe.

What comes to mind when you think of Italian food?

When I was in Italy the best time was lunchtime. I love how they take the art of food and eating together seriously. I think between 13:00 and 15:00, all shops are closed for lunch. I love the pizza and the creamy pasta.

La Cucina Malfy Home Cook SeriesShare your experience of being part of the La Cucina Malfy Home Cook series?

The best part and what I was impressed by, was the making of the pasta from scratch. It was memorable. And I would like to incorporate this when I have guests.

What are some of your favourite garnishes to add in your Malfy gin?

I love pairing the Malfy Con Arancia with grapefruit. With the Originale and Malfy Con Limone, I enjoy it with lemon and rosemary. I used to be a fruit salad kind of girl with putting everything inside. However, I have learned much better. I don’t over-garnish as it removes the flavour of the actual gin. Malfy Gin is so delicious and doesn’t need so much garnish.

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